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Support and Maintenance

Liberated Cloud recognises the importance of business and operational continuity and as such offers its customers a range of options to ensure that continuity.

Comprehensive support from Liberated Cloud
Liberated Cloud  support programs are easy to access, clearly defined, yet flexible enough to meet specific customer needs. Liberated Cloud  offers a variety of support service levels with additional technical specialist offerings designed to help customers gain the most from their Liberated Cloud  solutions.

Tiered support plans
Liberated Cloud  support plans are tiered to meet specific customer needs. Customers can chose from; basic ticket-based services with remote troubleshooting, enhanced telephone services, or on-site managed services covering a complete customer environment and third party applications. With a network of global resources Liberated Cloud customers have access to an unparalleled technical support team.

The Liberated Cloud Support Program offers four tiers of service: Standard; Gold; Platinum; and Custom.

  Standard Support Gold Support Platinum Support
Supported Versions Current major version, plus prior major version maintenance release Current major version, plus prior major version maintenance release Current major version, plus prior major version maintenance release
New Major releases Yes Yes Yes
Hot fixes and minor releases Yes Yes Yes
Priority for enhancement requests Medium High Highest
Normal Service Hours 0900-1700 Monday to Friday 0900-1700 Monday to Friday 0900-1700 Monday to Friday
Extended Service Hours 0900-1700 Saturday and Sunday All hours outside of normal service hours All hours outside of normal service hours
Incident Response Times 6 hours, if within normal service hours 4 hours, if within normal service hours 2 hours, if within normal service hours
Emergency Reporting No Yes, within Gold extended service hours. Yes, within Platinum extended service hours.
Emergency Incident Times 3 hours if emergency request during Gold extended service hours 3 hours if emergency request during Platinum extended service hours
Pricing (% values are applicable to all Go-To-Market Models) 12% 22% 30%


Support Descriptions

  • Liberated Cloud holidays are excluded from normal hours of coverage (with the exception of Platinum support).
  • Security fixes are included at no additional charge.
  • Liberated Cloud Support plans list our “committed hours of coverage.” Support staff are active at Liberated Cloud 24 hours a day, five days a week. If a ticket is submitted outside of the support committed hours of coverage, Liberated Cloud will respond to tickets on a first come first served basis, ranked by plan (i.e. Platinum, Gold, Silver).
  • For pricing and more information please contact Liberated Cloud Sales

Telephone and email support
Liberated Cloud ‘s technical support team is specifically trained to perform troubleshooting activities over the telephone or by email. Depending on specific needs, service options range from coverage on an 8 hour x 5 day a week basis, to a full 24 x 7 x 365 basis, via toll-free telephone (where available), email, or the Internet.

Proactive Notification
Liberated Cloud  proactively notifies all Gold and Platinum service level program members of software upgrades, patches, and maintenance releases as they become available.

Issue Reporting
All opened tickets receive an issue reference tracking number.  This allows Liberated Cloud  support to record each issue and its severity, assign a Liberated Cloud  Technical Support Analyst, and track each ticket through to its closure.  Based on the service level, each issue is assigned standard or increased service level targets.  Liberated Cloud  Gold and Platinum service level members receive ticket status report, providing a history of all incidences reported to support during a specified time.

Ticket Severity Level
Problems encountered by a customer and reported to Liberated Cloud  should be assigned an appropriate Severity Level value by the customer.  Liberated Cloud  reserves the right to modify the Severity Level value for any issues, based on the following definitions.

  • Critical
    The customer has experienced a significant problem that prevents operation or severely limits or is reasonably expected to severely limit performance causing significant impact to the customer’s business.
  • Major
    The customer has experienced a significant problem, but there is no pending loss of revenue or a workaround exists.
  • Minor
    The customer has experienced a problem that does not significantly affect performance or the customer has a question about Liberated Cloud  Software that is not answered in documentation.  General questions about Liberated Cloud  Software that are either not covered in documentation or need clarification should be considered minor.
  • Feature Request
    This is a request for a new feature or functionality that does not exist in Liberated Cloud  Software.  There is no obligation for Liberated Cloud  to deliver product enhancements to any customer.  New features or customer development delivered to a specific customer may not be covered by Liberated Cloud  Technical Support.  Liberated Cloud  shall retain all title and interest in any enhancement, including all copyright, patent, trademark and other proprietary rights.
  • Technical Contacts
    Customers can select the number of technical contacts that will be authorized to interact with the Liberated Cloud  technical support team for ticket submission and closure.  Optional support specialist offerings (for additional fee’s), provide for an Liberated Cloud  support specialist to perform specific tasks such as technical troubleshooting on matters unrelated specifically to Liberated Cloud  products, audits of your support systems and infrastructure, skills transfer on new releases, migration support, and much more.
  • Installation and upgrade services
    Whether installing the Cloud Liberator  product for the first time or upgrading to a new release, Liberated Cloud  offers a service level to ensure that the installation or upgrade is completed quickly and efficiently with minimal down time.
  • System Monitoring
    Depending on customer organization capabilities, remote monitoring an installation may be required. Liberated Cloud’s technical support team will provide a level of remote monitoring as mutually determined.  Following the monitoring event, Liberated Cloud will produce a report detailing the status of the system and make recommendations for improvements where necessary.  Any issues found shall then be routed through the normal technical support channels for resolution.
  • Support Engineer Training
    Customers supporting their own Cloud Liberator product installations can have their support engineers trained by Liberated Cloud .  The training goes beyond the standard product training and covers diagnostic techniques, remedial actions, workarounds, and recovery procedures.  Each Liberated Cloud  trained engineer will learn to identify the cause of any system failures and restore the system to operating mode.