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Managed Cloud Liberator

Cloud Liberator owned and managed by Liberator Cloud and deployed onto the provider’s assets and resources.

Definition Procurement Requirements Supporting Services
  • They have their own assets and resources to support the deployment of Cloud Liberator.
  • Assets and resources to enable the deployment of the product are the responsibility of the provider.
  • Resources for the deployment of the Cloud Liberator are the responsibility of Liberated Cloud.
  • The provider wants to offer cloud computing service to their customer base.
  • The provider does not currently have an end-to-end cloud computing solution.
  • The provider owns the relationship with the customer.
  • Product is under a lease model.
  • Support and maintenance is undertaken by Liberated Cloud.
  • Managed Cloud Liberator monthly recurring charge (includes support & maintenance).
  • Liberated Cloud can provide full Strategy to Launch engagement model.

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