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Creating a Marketplace

Liberated Cloud recognises that addressing various industry segments creates business challenges in launching a one-stop marketplace for the delivery of cloud products and services.

The business and operational management of cloud products and services across multiple industry segments is complex, with many relationships, systems, partners and people with whom you need to interact. Consumers are looking for a simple and easy solution to their IT needs that enable them to do business more efficiently and effectively. They need to:

    • Move expenditure from CapEx to OpEx.
    • Have flexibility to change providers and scale services to meet ever changing demands.
    • Allows their business to concentrate on core competencies.
    • Leverage new technologies without investing in the technology.
    • Leverage features and upgrades without the maintenance and upgrade costs.
    • Ability to scale up and down the IT capability without additional CapEx.
    • Have cloud products and services aligned to industry segment.

Most cloud offerings tend to be focused on addressing single solutions, or moving existing IT applications into the cloud, in order to address certain segments or delivery models. To leverage the market more fully providers need to offer a dynamic range of cloud computing products that address industry segments. This means being able to deliver IaaS, PaaS, SaaS from a single one-stop self-service marketplace is crucial to success.

Liberated Cloud and it’s Cloud Liberator product delivers that one-stop self-service marketplace which provides a comprehensive platform of products and services for Providers and Enterprises to empower the management of the entire consumer lifecycle from on-boarding to ongoing management via a simple and customisable web portal.