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Some companies are unwilling or unable to apply the resources necessary
to unilaterally consume cloud services. This has created demand for a new
IT service providers role — cloud services brokerage (CSB). In this role, the
IT providers function as intermediaries between the providers of cloud
services and the companies that consume them. This research provides an
overview of some leading providers of CSB, and introduces their roles,
offerings, strengths and challenges.

Key Findings

  • A wide range of IT providers — including governance technology providers, consultancies, value-added resellers (VARs), application service providers, system integrators (SIs) and pureplay cloud providers — are rapidly adopting the CSB role.
  • CSB capabilities vary substantially from provider to provider, but share a common purpose: to help companies more easily and effectively consume cloud-based business functionality and data, particularly when IT projects involve multiple cloud providers.
  • Smaller providers and innovative startups that have moved aggressively to market with cloud centric IT service offerings are exposing new opportunities for traditional IT service providers that will address cloud-related solution gaps in their own offerings through a combination of organic investments, mergers and acquisitions
Source: Gartner. “Who’s Who in Cloud Services Brokerage”. Published: 21 November 2011