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Forrester Research

“Cloud brokers provide a new value to SMBs and large enterprise and make cloud providers more competitive”

Executive Summary

With the advent of cloud broker business models, enterprises and small businesses will be able to consume cloud services with an unmatched flexibility and economic advantage.
In June 2012, Cordys commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the cloud broker market. To explore the most forward-looking perspective, we have complemented Forrester existing research on user adoption with 10 interviews with major cloud providers and telcos. The interviewed companies shared their plans to push cloud broker services to the market, and some already had to react to broker services offered by their direct competitors. Forrester found how cloud providers can differentiate themselves and make their cloud infrastructure and even application services more attractive and competitive with broker services.
We also asked the interviewed leading cloud providers about their steps and technology to establish cloud broker business models. This unveiled the demand for intelligent dynamic provisioning and cloud management tools beyond their existing stacks.

Key Findings

Forrester’s study yielded three key findings:

  • Cloud brokers are still evolving. The business model, and therefore the set of technology, continues to change based on new technological possibilities and the increasing maturity of cloud consumption by customers.
  • Enterprises and SMBs have different focus. The SMBs focus more on SaaS applications, while enterprises look more for a broker service around dynamic provisioning of infrastructure services.
  • Technical broker components need to be integrated. Service app stores, workload management, and elasticity management are ideally pre-integrated suites of loud broker technology stacks, complemented by application- or landscape-specific service aggregation.
Source: Forrester Research. “Cloud Brokers Will Reshape The Cloud”. September 2012.