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Cloud Liberator

The Cloud Liberator product allows end users and consumers to leverage a complete portfolio of cloud products and services that meet their business and operational needs without the hassle of dealing with multiple providers. Cloud Liberator empowers the delivery of a cohesive and comprehensive one-stop shop that addresses the challenges faced by cloud providers in delivering cloud computing products and services to end users and consumers.

Cloud Liberator empowers cloud providers and enterprises to deploy a complete and industry aligned cloud marketplace, cloud product and service catalog and Cloud Orchestration Packs – with complete workflow orchestration, automation and provisioning. Delegated administration portals enable simplified and automated user self service at all levels. Cloud Liberator enables easy integration to pre-existing IDM, ERP, CRM, Finance, and other Back Office systems for rapid deployment.

Cloud Liberator delivers the key business requirements needed to offer a complete service to your consumers and users. The Cloud Liberator consists of the following:

Service creation environment

  • New product categories, products and technical features
  • End-to-end orchestration flows and activities

Security and policy management

  • Role templates
  • Privilege templates
  • Access templates

Liberated Cloud Portals

  • Liberated Cloud management portal
  • Liberated Cloud customer portal

Comprehensive library module

  • Cloud Commercial Product Library
    • Business IaaS; SaaS; PaaS; Storage
    • Consumer Storage; Consumer SaaS
  • Cloud Commercial Features Library
  • Cloud Technical Feature Library
  • Cloud Orchestration Packs
    • Cloud Order to Bill; Cloud Fault Resolution; Cloud Customer; Engagement Management; Cloud Service Management
  • Cloud Process and Task Library
    • Fulfilment, CRM/ CIM, assurance, incidence management, billing, order handling, metrics.
  • Cloud Interface Library
    • Fulfilment, CRM/ CIM, assurance, incidence management, billing, order handling, metrics.

Cloud Liberator address the key business and operational capabilities that are needed by organisations to successfully deliver cloud products and services to consumers. These key capabilities are:

Cloud Brokerage

Global Cloud Brokerage

Cloud brokerage creates and maintains the relationships between the providers of cloud resources and the cloud product and service consumers. It does this by acting as the intermediary and delivering all the capabilities and functions needed to ensure success. The brokerage provides the consumer with the tools required to order and manage their cloud portfolio.

Cloud Orchestration


Cloud orchestration manages and maintains the relationships, interconnections and interactions between consumers and sellers by automating all processes, tasks and resources. It does this through end to end workflows that address business and operation needs, such as Cloud Order to Bill, Cloud Fault Resolution, Cloud Customer Engagement Management and Cloud Service Management.

Cloud Integration


Cloud Integration provides the interfaces, API’s and tooling needed to ensure the effective communication between cloud applications and resources and consumers of the cloud products and services. The brokerage and orchestration platform maintains a standard set of configurable interfaces and APIs that address the business and operational needs of organisations.