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About Us


Empowering companies to address the cloud computing market and enabling them to deliver a complete one-stop shop that meets their business and operational needs without the hassle of dealing with multiple providers.

For organisations looking to leverage cloud products and services, navigating today’s myriad of options is extremely challenging. Current cloud delivery models and the services offered are relatively immature and there is a disparate and fragmented bag of providers offering and delivering a slew of cloud based services, from capacity to applications.

Today’s organisations face many challenges when looking to address their cloud product and service needs. Procuring and connecting to a complete solution from one cloud provider is challenging due to the current nature of cloud computing. Further challenges include:

  • Containing technology related costs
  • Implementing new solutions/ up-grades
  • Keeping systems up and running
  • Integrating different applications
  • Achieving better data insights
  • Reduce IT complexity and resources

Why Liberated Cloud?

In the increasingly complex cloud computing marketplace, there exists a dire need to amalgamate all cloud-based services and offerings on an integrated platform, to ensure seamless delivery to consumers.

Liberated Cloud allows end users and consumers to leverage a complete portfolio of cloud computing products that meet their business and operational needs without the hassle of dealing with multiple providers.

Enabling Business Productivity

Liberated Cloud’s methodology empowers businesses across the cloud value chain, from resources to buyer, to increase productivity through:

  • Independence: enable the delivery of cloud products and services irrespective and independent of underlying cloud service provider offerings.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: cloud-based products and services that address the changing demands of consumers instantly.
  • Business Focus: enable businesses to concentrate on their core competencies without the worry or distraction of IT demands.
  • Value Chain Versatility: empowers suppliers to pick and mix the cloud resources they want to offer as products and services to its consumers.
  • Portability: enable consumers to change providers and scale cloud products and services to meet their ever changing market demands.
  • Reducing Integration Complexity: Cloud Orchestration Packs provide end-to-end workflows that address business and operational drivers.